Seagull Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Alan B, Dec 27, 2009.

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    The Seagull name has been around a while. Not generally associated up "up-market" lines of lighting product. Their low cost alternatives to quality fixtures might be what ended up hurting them in the long run as the middle of the market has dropped into oblivion.

    Most recently they had teamed up with Unique on a "cross marketing" (that is what Joey called it) arrangement that had Seagull selling Unique product under their banner, perhaps in an effort to bolster their brand's image and quality. Too little too late?
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    Ok, found this.... Not meaning to rub salt in any wounds here but it is just too funny not to post.

    Perhaps this had something to do with something? In a bad karma sort of way?
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    Wow James! Talk about a huge disconnect in their commercial. That has to be one of the hokiest and worst commercials ever. Not sure what they were selling; investments, timeshares or light fixtures?
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    Watching that video might have been the worst 2:45 of my life. Who ever thought that was a good idea I hope is no longer making those decisions. And the tag info said they showed it at their national sales meeting. Who do they think that motivated? Embarrassing.
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    that's hilarious.
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    I'm with Indylights because that is the worst thing I have ever seen.

    The sad thing is you can tell the production quality is good , I am sure putting that crap together was very expensive . Basic marketing 101 says to make sure the customer knows what you are selling and make it as easy as possible for said customer.

    I have no idea what they were selling or even talking about. I do know some old guy started the company and they got a cool shot of a statue with bird crap all over it.

    I still hate for a company to have trouble and need to file bankruptcy. Innocent hard working employees and their families are affected .
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    True, True.* I feel bad for them, I hope they can turn things around.
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    the production costs for that video were not cheap, it almost came across to me as a motivational video for the employees rather than a marketing video. I am afraid the serious fallout from this economy is just beginning. Many companies are just holding on with the hopes of a booming surge, and it never happened. I predict we will most likely see sporadic increases, nothing that will pay off debts like they apparently have.
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    I think I've mentioned this before, but my brother is the sales manager for a major Midwestern distribution outlet (one fortunately for him on good financial footings), and he has a ton of contacts both on the distribution and manufacturing side. 2010 is going to be a bloodletting for a lot of manu's and distributors. Hydrologic has already declared Chapter 7 (for those that don't know, there's no coming back from that, that's liquidation). Now Seagull declaring Chapter 11. We all know about Nightscaping's tribulations. Judging from what he's telling me, unless things pick up significantly, expect 4-6 major distributors to go under and 2-4 lighting manufacturers to do likewise. And by the way, the commercial mortgage meltdown hasn't even started yet. When that kicks in, things will get real interesting. Keep using smart business and spending practices. Contractors are going to start racing to the top and bottom, because like James said, the middle is gone. Let's hope those of us who shoot for the top can maintain.

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