Seeding grass with Tractor...need input

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by FIRESCOOBY, Mar 17, 2006.


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    Trying to get some ideas of best pieces of equipment to use for seeding grass. For new grass thinking of using box blade with teeth (or similar) to tear up ground if needed, pulverizor (or similar) to prep ground/soften, then use 3 pt seeded to spread seed.

    MY QUESTION: What would be the BEST thing to use to rake over seed after spreading? I was thinking of using a section of chain link fence, but don't know if that's be best. I don't wanna use anything that is gonna drag too much seed away from where I put it. What are some of you guys using? The seed would be Fescue or Bermuda.

    I am not currently using anything as I am contemplating getting into the business (still). I am a FT firefighter and wanting something to do on my 2 days off. I am looking at getting a Kubota 3130 4wd HST with loader, 5' bushhog, 5 box blade and pulverizor. I am wanting to do construction/lot cleanup, redo old yards, new construction lawns/landscaping (seed and sod), bush-hogging, etc. I live in a rural area of NE Georgia.

    Thanks for your help.
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    After the yard has been seeded, you don't want to drag anything over it.
  3. depending on the size of what we are doing, if its large we will use a landpride seeder on back of the tractor, for small areas we'll hand seed it and not drag anything over it, once in a while we might run a roller over it depending on conditions.

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    Yeah, for large areas I'll be using a 3pt broadcast spreader. I just didn't know if I should do anything to help seed/soil contact. I know you're supposed to cover with a little soil. For my grass I turned the rake over and raked it in.

    So y'all just spread the seed and then cover with straw?
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    yea if you drag it, you run the risk of having bare spots

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    What's y'alls opinion on straw? Some say yes, some say no. I've always heard that the straw is needed to maintain moisture.
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    Straw brings in weed's, blows everywhere making a mess. It has better moisture retention than hydro seed, it has a lower over head cost than a hydro-seeder. Ive tried the paper pellets that come in 50# bags from Lesco they are supost to expand when they get wet. Ive had no luck with them.
  8. we use straw, heck everybody around in this area uses straw, depending on the situation we will run a crimper to tuck the straw in.
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    I can not understand what the reason is behind not dragging anything over the seed. We use a home made dethatcher like this

    We put 2 tractor weights on it and pull it around. I usually do the lawn twice. Then I roll it with a roller. A real heavy roller thats 4ft wide and full of cement. Our lawns always come up full and green. This is my 3rd year working for this guy and thats his way. Ive questioned it a few times, usually after reading L.S. Last year he showed me different seeders and explained how they worked. Then he showed me a few lawns that were done with a land pride. We seeded a lawn a week after a LCO did a lawn down the road with the land pride. Ours grew in the same pattern as his. I'll take some pics this summer.
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    If you are worried about seed contact and blowing around. Use a aerator before seeding or a roller after seeding as mentioned.

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