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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by 04silverado, Feb 2, 2006.

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    I am starting a landscaping business part time. I currently have a Kubota L4330 with some attachments and a loader. I am wondering if anyone would care to share what they charge for seeding new lawns? With and with out earth work. Hydoseeding or straw mulched. The law says one or the other or even sod??? I have a developer friend who has asked me to do some work for him and want to be competative and make a little money. Also, I am thinking about charging around 75.00 an hour for straight earth work and mowing? Does this sound right? How long does it normally take to prep a yard for planting assuming backfilling and minor grading? Also, power rake or box scrape? Thanks for any help you could give!
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    dont cheat yourself by the hour , make the big bucks average seeding jobs on new construction is quick an easy usually 2 a day an i am talking about quarter acre lots . i charge 1500 thats a quick builders grade finish,seeded strawed an takes me a bag of seed at 60 bucks an 30 bales of straw at 2 bucks a bale . ya made 1380 x 2 not a bad day have fun see ya
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    dont forget that builder cant close until its seeded that the banks requirement here in kentucky so really ya got the builder where ya want him!!
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    we charge 3000 an acre inculding 250.00 (my cost) in plants. Pine needles for the beds. If there is more and an hour or so of earthwork we charge 55/hr for our 4630. 70/hr for S250. 6 hours with 4 man crew, 4630 and S250. We do the final seedbed prep with the 4630 and a glencoe harley rake.
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    Was shown a quote yesterday by a customer from one of the bigger companies in the area...............$825 for 1/4 acre rockhounded/hydroseeded.
  6. start2finish

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    if you deduct the straw covering that could be hydroseeded for that. 3300/an acre

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