Selective broadleaf preference?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by turf hokie, May 21, 2005.

  1. turf hokie

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    Now that we have lost Chlopyralid in products like momentum. which was my product of choice.

    What are you guys using for you go to product for things like ground ivy, violets and clover. I am looking for a product to give the 90% control that I got out of chlopyralid without being a guinea pig for a new product on the market.

    Any and all field tested results would be appreciated. I am not vendor or price shopping on this, I need optimum results, call backs are a wallet killer.

  2. I switched from Momentum to SpeedZone last year. We use a Perma-Green and I felt that Momentum wasn't working as well in that machine. We saw an improvement once we switched to SpeedZone.

    SpeedZone is labeled for violets, ground ivy and clover, but it struggles against violets.

    The price of SpeedZone is steep, about $.55 per 1000 sq/ft at 1.5 oz/1000 sq/ft, making one of the most expensive weed control products.

    This year I am give Surge a try, so far it works OK, but it sure at no SpeedZone.

    Hope that helps.
  3. ant

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    i switch to chaser ultra in my perm a green which is doing some-what ok a rate of 1 oz. per m . and at a cost of $43.00/gal.

  4. MIDWEST25

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    trimec 992 is the most cost affective and does an excellent job.Mix some confront in for violets.
  5. MIDWEST25

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    I pay 17.40 per gallon for 992
  6. green_mark

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    The Green Guardian is a new organic selective weed and feed product.

    We use this product in our service on over 2000 lawns.
  7. GreenUtah

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    it's not the product that's making the difference, it's the ability to penetrate and absorb on those waxy surfaced weeds. Mix your favorite/cheapest ph balanced adjuvant and you'll notice a huge increase in the effectiveness of anything labelled for control at the proper rates.
  8. turf hokie

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    Thanks guys.

    I use a spreader sticker in all applications this time of year. I am getting knock back with 3 way on certain weeds like ground ivy but it is taking 2-3 apps at the high rate to get what I consider good control.

    I will look into the products mentioned.
  9. jajwrigh

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    I use a three way selective with a sticker with good results. This fall, I am going to add quicksilver to the mixture and I expect to have an amazing product.
  10. Three way + Quicksilver = SpeedZone, and it is an impressive product.

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