Shiner Beer turns 100

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Still working on it. Did not spend any time with it on my trip. Too busy doing other stuff. Took an awesome fly casting lesson from a guy on Punta Gorda. I do need to get on the new toy. I'm taking it with me to my auditor CEU class in Austin next week.
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    Ditto; that sounds like a neat deal. Of course; having waterit around could have confused things somewhat. :dizzy:
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    He's alive!!!!!!!
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    Sweet!! We'll need to do an LS Colorado fishing trip this spring/summer/fall.

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    If you' tell us your plan, more advise might be forthcoming.
  7. Not too bad but seagoville isn't close. The other has an ac and generator. I'd prefer a 12' single axle though. I drive a 6 cyl.

    Also Wells Cargo is a better trailer than a PACE. PACE is a great picante sauce though.
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    So you're going to park in Wallmart lots with a hand-painted sign reading, "sprnklr work done cheep" on it?
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    I can see a new franchising opportunity ~ Brisket 'n' Bubblers

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