Shopping for a ProSlide...HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PTOhioMower, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. PTOhioMower

    PTOhioMower LawnSite Member
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    Im looking for a deal on a ProSlide XT.

    Please dont tell me to look at the ProSlide website. Im looking for a place to BUY one, not looking for specs!

    My searches for online mower places have come up short. I have found one place that has them for $250+$30 shipping which isnt too bad, but someone has to have them cheaper!

    Links would be great!!

    PS. I know all about ebay!! Thanks.

  2. cborden

    cborden LawnSite Member
    from 46140
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    Good luck, I've been looking for a dealer in central Indiana since May. Haven't found one yet and never got an info packet from the web site.:p
  3. walker-talker

    walker-talker LawnSite Platinum Member
    from Midwest
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    Check eBay. I remember getting the older style for $130, but I am sure that deal is long gone. You might still be able to find a newer one though.
  4. robertsturf

    robertsturf LawnSite Bronze Member
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    $250.00 + shipping is a good price. I contacted them and they wanted $350.00 for one + shipping. I tried to buy one on E-bay but it went for $300.00. Good luck.
  5. John Gamba

    John Gamba LawnSite Fanatic
    from ct
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    PT----PM ME Please
  6. TClawn

    TClawn LawnSite Silver Member
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    you are getting a good deal at $300. novae wants $375 for theirs from the website. I picked up the older style for $200 from another member. you should be able to get a proslide from any john deere dealer.
  7. PTOhioMower

    PTOhioMower LawnSite Member
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    Ill try my local JD dealer tomorrow.

    I cant believe no one has found an online supplier that has them for cheap.

    Mr. Gamba, PM sent.
  8. kc2006

    kc2006 LawnSite Silver Member
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    I have one, didn't work very well for me, don't know why but it couldn't pull me, maybe I'm too fat? I'm debating selling it though, if I get a hydro w/b I'm sure it will work with the larger tires....if you don't find one let me know and we can discuss a deal on this one.
  9. PTOhioMower

    PTOhioMower LawnSite Member
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  10. John Gamba

    John Gamba LawnSite Fanatic
    from ct
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    Oh PT sold.


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