Shrub Prunning? Please Help!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by TrpD345, Aug 19, 2006.

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    My mother and my Aunt were both told by a man about 25-30 years ago that the only to trim shrubs was with a pair of hand clippers. He gave my Mom a reason that had something to do with sun light girting to branches underneath. She whole heartedly believes that the only way to do it is with hand shears. She has allot of Azeleas and Holly bushes. I know nothing about doing it, but I just can't imagine that it is not a more efficient way of doing this. He has them both convinced that hedge trimmers are terrible on the bushes. Please help!
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    When I first started in landscaping I trimmed all shrubs with hand shears and glad I did ( For experience only ). Now we only use commercial gas hedge trimmers which are much faster and more convenient. Hollys and Azaleas depending on size can have thick sparse branches depending on where there located sometimes its better to do them by hand with lopper or hand shears.
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    Hedge trimmers are for HEDGES. Hand pruners are the correct tools to use for proper pruning. A LCO who uses a hedge trimmer on every plant in a landscape has no clue to the proper care of plants. There is no shortcut to doing the job the correct way.

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