sidewalk? what sidewalk?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by BrandonV, Oct 3, 2007.

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    showed up at a new development entrance today, we do a number of these and often the models too, then they do the usual 2 trees and 6 hollies plan for the rest of the houses anyways we quote of course off the drawing, on which we design the sign(s), h20, and planting. show up today and BAM there are 2 unaccounted for sidewalks. wahoo. not a big deal, but I'll have to convince the developer to pitch in for 2 extra zones so i can do strips and of course in the town I'm working it's a sin (and one you'll be fined for) to get pavement wet, so there is really no choice... but hopefully I won't be the one paying for it.:usflag:
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    thats crazy..fines for water on hot top???

    insane....I wish they would do something like that up here....a lot of companies would go under with a quickness.

    tom how are you?
  3. We have townships that fine for water on the sidewalk as well. I still think the most water efficient way to water the 4' parkway strip is cs and es.
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    well unfortunately NC is in a water crunch at the moment, not so much that we don't have the water but a lot of the infrastructure isn't there to handle it (ie lakes w/o pipes or treatment facilities) that and the fact that all you yanks are moving down here w/ the quickness. cities can't keep up. of course being 13"+ short on rainfall this year ain't helping at all. luckily Winston isn't doing any water restrictions at the moment thanks to the yadkin river, but many towns are shutting down the sprinklers, car washes etc... infact my nursery only has 2-4 weeks left of water (depending on temps) and we have 7 ponds. anyways looks like a chance to try out some MP rotors 2ks and 3ks and strips if i can get my grubby hands on them. oh and here in NC we bore under sidewalks... waterjets can't cut it... but that's another story
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    few pics of the magic sidewalk and the 300' across round-a-bout, though I love these things they are terribly hard to irrigate w/ rotors w/o spraying all over the place... you just want to put an I-90 or something in the middle and say to heck w/ it

    magic sidewalk.jpg

  6. I'll take it back on the cs and es. Thet don't work worth a flip on curves. You know what I'd try on those curves. MP 1000s. You can adjust to avoid overspray and bring the spray in a tad. We've used them a few times and if you don't ask too much of them they can work well. If you decide to go with MP sst make sure you put them in a little further than usual because they have a tendency to throw behind themselves. Of course you may know all this. Lots of MPs in Dallas. Let me know if you need help on getting some. I'm doing an overhaul on a 30 year old 20' spaced system that has lost pressure over time due to city adjustments. 200 plus heads all being changed to MPs. I'm paying 4.85 or 5.00 depending on the type.
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    thx for the info, don't have much experiance w/ the mps, used on one job last week where the city dropped pressure. impressed, probably will be going that route here too... have to figure the cost quoted vs. what I might do :)... but how cool would a lone I-90 in the middle of that bad boy look? am I right here?:weightlifter:
  8. I think that would do it. That lone I-90 would probably waste less water than trying to squeeze no telling how many heads in their to avoid throwing water on the curb and sidewalk. If it was perfectly centered and adjusted to stop just short of the curb. It would also eliminate car damage repair from having all those heads on the curb. Too late now but this is where I think a 5' sidewalk from the curb in would be a lot more efficient. Why do they want a sidewalk on a roundabout?
  9. Awesome looking vehicles on that job. RV I suspect for the GC. Hummer. Is that your four door cab forward truck?
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    People do still walk... sometimes... although I think that personally I'd avoid walking in the area of a roundabout or traffic circle if at all possible. :)

    Some traffic engineer once told me that the reasoning for parking strips between the road and sidewalk was to push the pedestrians a little farther from the roadway as it's supposed to be safer for them. You also then don't have car doors opening onto the sidewalk with pedestrians.

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