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  1. At least that is the conclusion I came to after briefly reading the latest TAMU study on smart controllers released in July 2011. I'll read it in detail later and tell you which controllers sucked.

    If you have an interest the studies are here
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    Didn't we already cover this? Without specific details on how the controllers were programmed, this report is worthless.
  3. your opinion is pretty worthless because you have serious credibility issues with the real world. this latest July 2011 study has not been posted here.

    If you don't want to discuss it without behaving in your usual splenetic fashion then go over to the organic forum.
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  5. Bad Tempered, Spiteful
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    I inferred the word's derivation, and thus, its meaning, but it isn't in common use. I think the Patrick O'Brian books are infecting my computer :)
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    Did they teach you that word in school? Or did you google the meaning and that is what came up?
  8. I guess I could have used jaundiced but I thought splenetic was more accurate.
  9. I get a word a day deal on my computer. a lot of great words are lost for various reasons like the word niggardly.
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    I like it! :clapping::drinkup::waving:

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