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  1. tjg

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    I have been looking for a snow plow for my 773 but have not found one yet, beside Bobcats model, I have ran both searches already. Any help wound be nice. Thanks
  2. paul

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  3. plowking35

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    From what I hear, bobcat has a new snow bucket that really kicks butt, give thema call and see what the deal is.
  4. Rooster

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  5. Rooster

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  6. Michael Fronczak

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    I looked at Snowwolf, and Kwikway, before getting the Bobcat brand one, but the one from Bobcat works fine, paint job was poor, dealer is going to sandblast & paint in the spring, I'm going to give him different paint so it's not gray, really want it yellow like the rest of my plows.
  7. GeoffDiamond

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    I have two of the babcat brand plow too. I agree the paint job is poor.

    Secondly an old truck plow will not work well with a skid steer.

  8. JCurtis

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    I have a bobcat with a plow, bucket , and snowblower...All are the bobcat options straight from the factory.

    The Bobcat plow works fine. I suppose of I wanted a Vplow( and I do, but the hospital cut back in equipment purchases thise year) I would look at kwikway or swedetec (I think thats the company name)

    Many maufacturers out there just a matter of choice I guess.

    I may put a urethane edge on the bobcat plow.
  9. Scag48

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    You can get side wings for the Bobcat snow blade for the 7' and 8' models. That would be like a snow pusher only you wouldn't have to buy a new plow. I don't know if they are made of, if steel, you could weld some bars from the blade to the wings like Avalanche does with theirs to get more strength. Good luck.

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