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Sod Installation and Retaining Wall

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by miltthemower, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. miltthemower

    miltthemower LawnSite Member
    Posts: 76

    I had a retaining wall installed by a contractor. Now I need to bring in dirt and install sod. Problem arises with bringing in dirt. Can not bring in through drive way may crack clients cement. Can bring in through street but may crack cement (city owned). What are my options?

    Also, originally I did not recognize that with all the dirt I am bringing in I may need to extend the retaining wall to secure the dirt. This may add an extra 6k to the job. I am looking at other options. How do I approach the client and tell them I missed a possible problem, you will need to add an additional wall which will cost roughly six more grand?

    Help couldnt sleep last night trying to figure alternatives to get job done.
  2. Cam.at.Heritage

    Cam.at.Heritage LawnSite Member
    Posts: 76

    Well Pictures would probably help!!

    How much dirt are we talking? How far do you have to go? Whats wrong with a wheel Barrow? Why didn't you fill as you went? Dirt behind the wall?? What about fabric/clear stone? How do you miss 6k worth of wall? Should I keep going or let you catch up?
  3. miltthemower

    miltthemower LawnSite Member
    Posts: 76

    Dirt to cover 2,000 sq ft it has a slope. Need to bring in dirt to cover roughly 2ft. We are talking alot of dirt. Question if I use bobcat and add 2 ft of dirt, will it effect the fence (wood) that seperates the property?

    How I missed it is not important what is important is how I fix it.
  4. Smallaxe

    Smallaxe LawnSite Fanatic
    Posts: 10,081

    You do it right... if you have to eat some expense, then you eat some expense... but you do it right...

    Step over a dollar , to pick up a nickel...

    Mistakes happen all the time... Bidding with a skidster is usually a mistake, anyways... I hate the thought of bobcats on future turf... :)
  5. Snyder's Lawn Inc

    Snyder's Lawn Inc LawnSite Platinum Member
    Posts: 4,541

    Dump dirt on the walk across it about foot deep and then you can drive across it with out breaking the walk might take little time after the job is done on clean up
  6. Cam.at.Heritage

    Cam.at.Heritage LawnSite Member
    Posts: 76

    Yea I kinda agree that you need to bite the bullet on this one and put in what you need. You will remember this next time you go bid a job.

    The dirt over the concrete walk will work as well, also if you use a small track machine instead of wheels there is less ground pressure and less chance to crack the concrete.

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