Sod installation with Toro Dingo

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by OEY3, May 15, 2008.

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    Wish I could get more info on the sod unroller and the installation / operation procedure. Should 66,000 sqft, (yes, 1 1/2 acres) alone with my dingo 222 wheeled unit create cause for hesitation since I have no experience with laying sod with my dingo?

    All open flat ground. Prep will be complete on this job. All I have to do is lay sod. I fear potential finish grade disruption with narrow wheelbase on Toro. I want to be sure it is as easy as just unrolling the sod and some minor fitting into place.

    I work by myself and I don't want to take forever to complete this.

    Have looked at the W.R. Long unit and also see that Vermeer has Hydraulic one for $2236 + tax and freight. Vermeer has optional weighted roller for their unit after sod is down. I have also seen units with pressure relief as to avoid excessive pressure when unrolling sod.

    Potential for major coin in my case so the more info I have the better I'll feel.
    I really must discuss this with someone before I commit.

    Hope to hear from you Dingo owners.
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    Once....back in the day, I used a bobcat with forks on the front, I used that to position the roll, then I put a 2x4 throught the middle, and dragged it with my ztr, to ubroll it. It worked but there was still alot of adjusting after it was unrolled

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