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    I think I know the answer already but I'd like to hear your opinions on the soil analysis meters sold at Northern tool. One measures the PH and the other measures N, P & K.
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    I was told that those are not accurate yet will give you some idea of the trend as to ph.. I bought one from Northern tools last year and it broke in 2 months... The two months I had it I was able to diagnose ph problems The fert meter always said it was high no matter what property I was on?
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    We used some in a couple of college classes. They worked for Ec, pH, etc., but these were single use instruments, they only did one type of test. They had to be calibrated each time you used them, etc., and were VERY expensive (300-500 each). Nice stuff, but not a substitute for a soil test.

    Here the pH meter is generally useless as we're always at around 8 to 8.5 because of our water. No changing it for more than a short time, add sulfur and then pour alkaline water on it and you've wasted your application.
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    I don't have time to write a novel. So ask your prof ( since you said in school) about Ammonium Sulfate for control of high pH soil.
    My soil and plants are totally different than yours. Do a search under my name and you will find a lot of BS and more info about pH and its control. also look for gemblis(sp) website they sell real good combination EC--pH meters that do not have to be calibrated every time and are very close. Also check out my website. Good Luck

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