Some people are just insane

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Mr.cactus, Aug 7, 2007.

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    Can I sell my sanity there also??? The 4-1/2 year old grandaughter is coming for a two week visit. You think the CO guys get buttzy in early season... wait until I start posting after she's been here for a couple of days. :dizzy:

    Pictures of plastic spray pop-ups with brass nozzles will get VERY special treatment from me. :laugh:
  3. I hear you. At my Manteca location, my poor wife has not only deal with my 5 year girl and 3 year boy but her sister's 4 children visiting from VA. (7 to 13, 2 boys 2 girls).

    My younger nephew thought it was funny to make the top of a 1804 fly through the air. I guess it was funny until his older brother got popped in the eye. The one that was funny was how the older boy took paint balls, 1/2" sch 40pipe and my high pressure air hose and was using it to launch paint balls. Either he was successful or just got tired and threw the balls against the fence. When I went home, let's just say Uncle wasn't too happy. We'll see what they did this weekend when I go home Thursday night.
  4. Mr.cactus

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    Wow 56 bucks!!! :dizzy:
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    Yeah, but that is the large circle model ~ more diameter, more bucks!

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