somms onsite trailer & equip detail

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by SOMM, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. SOMM

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    2 gates help us transition from the midsized to larger grounds on the same lawn route. 4hp22"MTD bigwheel push & 17KawV 48"Bobcat hydro wb mowers come off the side gate if desired. Dbl axle treats the 25KohlerV 60"Dixie Chopper Z nice in transit, and a spare trailer tires on both sides protect it in case of side-impact. Z & WB are ratchet-strapped in transit, fuel valves are shutoff. Yellow 39gal trashcan holds rakes, broom, shovel, tarp. Each trailer wheel has an electric brake with a set of 5-leaf springs. Blowers,spare mower tires on wheels, addt'l hand implements and equipment fuels are in truck's bed. All is stored indoors out of the weather when not in use.

  2. SOMM

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    another view, hitch is ring and hook (disclosed, sry) and 2 chains crossed once are a must have.

  3. SOMM

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    more view here, disclosed class 3 hitch is ring and hook with 2 chains crossed once.

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    a long view here

    Lawn Rig 046somm4.JPG
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    Nice set up. Do you use the side gate much, they seem like such a nice thing to have. Gotta love a Dixie, thats the first z i leanred on. Nice setup man, good luck this season.
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    Very Cool And Clean Setup Oh And Cool Account Too. What size is the trailer?
  7. SOMM

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    Its a custom 15-foot we had designed strictly for tight turns, Mitch.
    The Superduty is shortbed for same reason, and for plowing tight turns by itself.
  8. SOMM

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    we use the side gate 50% time, mrbray, thanks.
    sure makes off-load easier for the smaller yards.
  9. zim bob the landscaper

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    nice setup looks real nice. thats a custom looks real professional.

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