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  1. Doogiegh

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    Hey guys,
    Just starting out in the business. Want your quick opinions on an item like this one that's actually on Ebay. I'm not bidding on this item or related to anyone selling it, just want to know if any of you solo operators would ever use this kind of item for spraying round-up, weed-n-feeds, etc?

    Item for Sale

  2. ohiolawnguy

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    we used to have one similar, but it was never really used much. easier just to fill up a handheld or backpack sprayer throughout the day.
  3. tpl

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    Knew a guy in the lawn care (fert&weed) business that had a four wheeler. He had a broadcast rigged to the front and a tow sprayer in the back. He wouldn't get rid of it for anything. Hills were never a problem. The only problem that I see are the words "home owner". I have never found "home owner" stuff to be worth a dime when it came to using it regularly.

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