Spreader Attachments for the Z Two

Discussion in 'LESCO' started by newbsvw, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. newbsvw

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    I just purchased the Lesco 52" Z Two Mower.

    I am looking at spreader attachements that would mount to it.

    I found on the website the LESCO Z-Two Spreader Sprayer.

    On that same page I find the LESCO Electric Rotary Broadcast Spreader.

    The two spreaders dont look the same. And I can't tell from the pictures if it will be easy to mount to my z two mower, without having to come up with something "creative"

    Matt In Dallas

    :help: :help:
  2. Bob West LESCO

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    First off, thanks for the business. We certainly hope you are happy with your new LESCO mower.

    Secondly, the LESCO Z-Two Spreader-Sprayer is not an attachment system - it is an entirely separate machine that is built using the Z-Two frame. The Z-Two Spreader-Sprayer offers users the power to spread, spray or do both at the same time, and it's a great tool for large-acreage applications, but it does not have any cutting deck.

    Also, the LESCO Electric Broadcast Rotary Spreader is indeed an entirely different product. This unit is designed to be mounted on a utility vehicle and offers the following:
    * Mounts on turf maintenance vehicles with 12-v. electrical system for less labor-intensive product application.
    * 80-lb. capacity hopper on block epoxy frame is ideal for most applications.
    * Complete with motor, wired, and on/off switch for convenient installation

    As such, we don't really offer a spreader designed to mount on to our current Z-Two, but hopefully others on the board here have some suggestions.

  3. beck

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    check this website out
    I have been using this on one of my walk behinds and it is a big time saver.
    the advantage of this unit is that the gate is controlled by a switch-no rope or cable necessary.
  4. rider

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    the electric hopper, they call it the Truckster, will bolt up to the back of your Z-two.you will have to drill some holes. The Z-sprayer is the same frame with the deck removed. the back is also the same as your z, just with a hopper bolted on. if you put the extension on the hopper, increases the capacity to 125lb, you will have to add weight to the front. Call your local Lesco and see if they have one in stock, you can always take a look and decide from there.
  5. newbsvw

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    Thanks Beck and Rider,,

    I am waiting to hear from 4mowerproducts. My local Lesco guys are not very creative on solutions like this.

    thanks again.
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    how much was the spreader attachment,need one for my chopper.looks nice.that would really nice on those hot summer day's.

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