Sprinklers vibrate-Why?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by An-A, Dec 8, 2007.

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    Ok I am no pro but I did install an irrigation system at my old house so I have a basic idea how it works. I moved out of that house and into a larger house that was built in 1965, it has the original sprinkler system and valves (HL Gee mfg Beverly hills) and timer that reads "Cloud 9 command control pad system"
    The rest of the system works great except the sprinkler heads, when they come on in the early morning the make a vibrating sound that sounds like an airport! They vibrate around rapidly creating a very annoying sound for about 30 minutes then the system shuts off. And I am positive that it is the heads and not a water hammer because I watched it one morning. Any clue on why it does this? Or how I can fix it? I also included a photo of one of the heads.

    Ron Mack
    Burbank, CA



  2. You need to edit your pics down before posting but you have Rainjet heads it appears to me. That is how they run by wobbling. The Cloud Nine I believe is a timer put out by Dayni.
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    Hear hear!!

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    Only 2.7 mb between the three of them! Some of us with decent service enjoy high quality pics.:)

    How are they attached to your underground pipes? Perhaps you could replace them with a modern head with a quiet nozzle.
  5. My issue isn't the file size but the pic size. I can't get them on my screen and I've got my resolution as high as it will go.
  6. Simple solution, re-do each head with a modern pop-up such as 1800 series RainBird with pressure regulation built into it or Hunter institutional. Easily available through Ewing,Horizon, John Deere and other irrigation supply houses.

    The Rain Birds they sell at the big box stores are not the same type that I'm talking about. You need to go to an irrigation supply house. Just look it up in the yellow pages or on the net.
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    How high is that? What is the size of your monitor and type?
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    Last time I checked, 1024x768 was the median monitor size, and 800x600 was a close second. May have bumped up a notch since then. Even if you have a monitor that displays 1600x1200 photos without side-scrolling, websites are still constructed for display on lower monitor resolutions.
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    Are you guys on MAC or PC? IE automatically shrinks a large picture to fit within your window, however large or small it may be. I'm spoiled i guess, I have 1920x1080 on a 37" LCD.

    An-A. Gus is right on. Get a real head from a supply house. If you can map out the area you need to cover, they can hook you up with a propper nozzle for it as well.
  10. I'm feeling a deja vu moment. We went through this once before Kiril. I'm running on an older IMac. I'm at my max screen resolution. Trust me. Besides he can crop his friggin pics anyway.

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