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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Fwilamosky, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Emark metro 26...need I say more?
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  2. Yardguy28, I respect you because you give your opinion. Everyone is entitled to theirs. But you don't make up lies. Edensgate, you say I'm unprofessional, you single me out, but why not the people making up stuff that isn't true to make a point. Why am I the only one being attcked today? I got attacked because a poster asked about standons vs ztrs, and I said I didn't like standons. Everyone got pissed at me. It was all good until dude came on here wanting to act like exmark is a crappy company with no factual basis at all
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  3. Diamond, I guess I'll try to be like you and not care lol
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  4. I'm just saying what's the point of getting heated up over something so trivial. There are plenty of other things in this world to get heated up over like poverty, starvation, children being sold as sex slaves, etc.
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  5. Good point diamond, I guess I needed to hear that
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    hmmm went to take a shower and this thread was 8 pages long with alot of un-called for stuff on it and now back an hour later with only 7 pages and most of the that stuff has been taken off........ As for this quote above, I had responded to exmark man's comment to me with a nicely worded response but it has been removed along with a few other guess thanks moderator whoever you are for cleaning this thread up a little. Hopefully it will stay that way.
  7. Yes let's hope it remains professional endensgate
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    Just a guess, but when an offensive post is removed then any subsequent replies to that post are automatically well as replies to those replies. Etc...

    IMO, one needs to pick their poison if they're choosing to ride while mowing. Get beat up standing OR get beat up sitting. I'd rather stand if I had the choice. Also, the shorter the wheelbase the better the cut with LESS scalping when cresting hills/undulations head-on. Also, shorter mowers take up less space on trailers and in tight situations while maneuvering.
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    Not sure how many of us were around watching Exmark come into existence but I noticed them right after Scag and Great Dane started up. Toro has been HUGE for eons. Kind of like Dixon was before they went to crap. ANYWAY... Toro saw a chance to get back market control with Exmark. They probably also saw the possibility of the box stores becoming customers. I don't know for sure either but If you think about it Exmark just may have not lasted if it weren't for Toro.
  10. I guess grasshopper, hustler, ferris, scag, bad boy, Dixie chopper, and all the rest have no chance of surviving unless toro buys them out. Because exmark outsells them all and toro saved them like a box of dounuts saved the hungry fat woman.
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