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  1. bigdaddyspags

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    Anyone know a place to buy new steel cheap? (ie: channel, tubing, I-beam) Is there such thing as an online steel dealer?
  2. Lbilawncare

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    I would think the shipping charges would kill you. I would try looking in your local phonebook. There are a ton of places around here that are willing to get us whatever we need. Good luck, and FYI steel prices are up righ now, hopefully they will go down soon.
  3. DALMlawn&landscaping

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    haha, "ah, yes, UPS i need to see how much it'll cost to ship me 25 pieces of 2" steel tubing and 4 16" I-beams... hello... hello..."

    -most towns have a steel company, i know this salvage yard/recycling plant/metal shop sells me all my re-bar and stuff. if you need big pieces like I-beams, try contacting a local welding outfit that erects the steel structures of buildings, get to be good friends. i was lucky when my girlfriends best friend got together with the owner of Dyco Steel Erection (best name ever). he can get his guys to build me anything i want out of steel and can get it cheap as hell.

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