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Steiner 220 Help !!! Loss of Power

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by simonchan, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. simonchan

    simonchan LawnSite Member
    Posts: 1

    I just picked up a Steiner 220 mower a few weeks ago for the new house I just bought. I have about 2.2 - 2.5 acres to mow and wasn't going to do it with the 38" Snapper Zero Turn so anyways...

    Stats of the mower:

    Steiner 220 Turf Mower
    2300 hours
    72" Deck
    20HP Onan Motor

    I was also mowing an area where my goat pen is and its relatively high grass now since the previous owner didn't mow it before giving us posession anyhow away i started mowing and fairly slow just to ease into the grass and all of a sudden i felt a mild "thunk" and then the mower seemed to power down. it actually powered down where it stalled out and i just figured that it was set too low.

    I re-adjusted got it started and then engaged the blades and drove it a forward. I felt a loss in power to the point where it stalled it out, and then I started it back up and it seemed fine except now the motor sounds a little louder and theres a tad bit more vibration.

    i decided to cut my losses as I was running out of daylight and thought i would just get back to it later. i noticed it was a little low on Oil as well because at that same time the oil light was glaring at me. I filled accordingly and let it rest.

    I went back to the new place and decidd to try to dig into the mower again and found that the air hat was lose and there appeared to be a "more than normal" amount of oil/sludge liquid around the top of the airfilter. I disconnected the belt to the blades to see if maybe something got jammed up in the blade/spindle assembly and it didn't appear to be the issue.

    so I put eveything back together and was on level ground and attempted to mow again. as soon as i engaged the blades and started moving forward, i went over a little bit of grass and it sounded like it was about to stall out.

    Moral of my issue, i lose power now when i move forward and it doesn't seem to go much faster than 5-7mph and it used to fly at the 11mph....

    The only thing I hadn't checked yet was hydraulic fluid/torq fluid resivoir.

    anyone experienced this before?? Anything to help is greatly appreciated...i hope its just somethin stupid....

    Thanks in advance...

  2. bigdecks

    bigdecks LawnSite Member
    Posts: 1

    Dear Simon you are suffering from Onan-eye-dis..... you most likely need a new motor? Its most likely a valve/valve seat problem that IS VERY VERY COMMON with the Onans. I love the Onans, ALOT OF GROUND TORQUE, BUTTTTTTTT?????
    There is a gentleman in Dover Ohio that was THE MAN at the Steiner Factory in the service end.
    If u want to buy a REMANUFACTURED by him and his son let me know.
    I will get NOTHING out of sending u to him but I will make a friend, YOU !
    CHARLIE 304 639 0269.

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