Stolen well pump

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by C4chris70, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. C4chris70

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    When we arrived at one of our accounts today we noticed the yard was flooded on the side. We didn't think much of it because it has been raining every day and all the yards are very wet. When we took a closer look however, we found that someone had cut the pipe and stolen the brand new well pump and just left water pouring out. My sprinkler guy said the rate the water was flowing into the yard was about 8 gallons per minute. People will steal anything.
  2. DCE

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    Damn, that sucks! Could this be related to turning metal in for recycling and getting money for it? Out this way, people have been stealing catalytic converters from under vehicles and even dismantling air conditioner compressor units...all for the copper and metal to turn in to recycling and getting cash for it. Ridiculous...

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    wow that sucks
  4. billslawn89

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    oh man..i hear ya, around here, i cut some clients houses that are snowbirds and i've seen a pool heater, ya a pool heater of the neighbors houses that nobody lives at, their pool pump and of all things the ac unit..they took off the cover and cut out all the copper...its just unreal!
  5. billslawn89

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    add to my message from above...if they want some metal from me, i got some for them..357..LOL
  6. DCE

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    Forcefully delivered at no charge too! :D
  7. Frontier-Lawn

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    they can take my cat off, one less item for me to remove for a full free flow exhaust. :laugh:
  8. Jason Rose

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    Ok, let me get this straight... They took the pump and the water was still flowing??? I know florida has a high water table, but it actually just comes out of the ground like that if there's a well there?
  9. mngrassguy

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    LOL, I was wondering the same thing. Steel my well pump and I have no water flow except maybe what drains from the house.:confused:
  10. f1r3w4ll

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    They do anything for green grass, withe fertilizer and some rocks.

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