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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by JimLewis, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. JimLewis

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    You know what I often overlook when I am designing an outdoor lighting system? The damn street lamps! I hate those damn things! They can totally ruin a photo shoot. Totally drown out the effect I was trying to create with my outdoor lighting.

    Sometimes the lighting job I did actually still looks pretty awesome, despite the street lights flooding the yard a little. But the problem is when I go to take night time photos, the ambient light from the street light shows up a LOT more prevalent in my photos than it does in person.

    Sometimes I just want to bring a BB gun with me to my photo shoots and shoot out that damn street light that is ruining my lighting job. Am I the only one who has ever felt that way?

    I need to start to take those things into account more, as I am designing my systems.
  2. Lite4

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    Yep, the worst are the HPS. I have seen some folks actually paint out the backside of the street light with a black paint on the lense because the light was too bright coming into they're bedroom windows.
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    Kick them in the base doesn't take much any contact with them automatically cuts power in case some hits it. Comes back on the next day. Of course is in now way professional just a helpful hint better alternative then a bb gun haha
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    Takes a lot of bb's to do the job, don't ask how I know :)
  6. JimLewis

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  7. Classic Lighting

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    Last year I contacted the power company to install a shield on the lens that directs the light downward. After getting the run around, I was told they would not make an exception for 1 residence. Oh well, didnt hurt to try.
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  8. bcg

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    I have an HPS lamp in my front yard. I've called and complained and they did change the lens, which helped almost not at all. I hate the damn thing and the ugly yellow light it throws.

    Jim, you need to increase wattage to compensate for them. Where you'd normally use a 20w (or 6W LED), use a 35W (or 8W LED), and so on. It's all you can do, unfortunately.
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    There is an amber street light across the street from my home. The light it cast on my yard is not very noticeable to the eye but it really showed up to my photographer's camera. So I took a ladder and "installed" a temporary dark, wool blanket over the street light when we did the photoshoot.
  10. JimLewis

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    Yah, that's exactly what I'm talking about. I had that happen at 4 different photo shoots recently. It really sucks.

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