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    I have been doing applications for three years now with a Z-Spray and have never striped a lawn before, but I am starting to see some stripes show up on lawns that were done the last week of march, that had 50% slow release. they were all green, but the stripes are just starting to show up. I always thought my Z spread to the right, but never had any stripes because of it. I always spread back to my tire tracks. How long will these stripes last?
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    Until you correct the mis application and uncorrected I'd say months since you used a 50% slow deal. Maybe longer.

    If you are savvy enough to do so, go back and apply some all chem or 30% slow N to the thin areas but before that clean the bottom of your hopper. The slide the spinner and adjust the chute deflector to shoot center bias.

    With the up and down weather we have been seeing this spring I'd say any mis applications are going to be extra noticeable as opposed to a fast growth cant keep up with the mowing spring.
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    Worn impeller or build up of fert residue on the fins can cause this. High humidity or dusty fert can cause problems. Be sure to wax the hopper and impeller to let the fert slide off cleanly.
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    It can be corrected by re-applying fert passes in opposite direction. To help avoid it in the future, Riggle gives good advice.

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