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    This winter i would like to install a strobe light,on my enclosed hallmark trailer,at the back ,center or my rear door.i feel i need this for safety ,when parking along the street,i also use- 4 , 28"reflective safety cones and have people still hit them ,or get to close for countfort to me,and my trailer, does any one out there use a strobe light?to warn traffic.
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    Just make sure its legal.

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    I plan on using a amber lense, i saw a light in Northern Equipment ,a permanet mount for $69.99 it is low profile with 8 joule output,in ohio amber is legal.
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    As far as legalities go, its a ? of which color red/blue/green your state uses for emegency vehicles.

    Amber is the most common although this year in NC I saw alot of clear lenses on road crew vehicles and equipment etc.

    Our mowing traliers have 2 ft sides and we had custom mesh boxes made for storing smaller hand held equip. in the fronts. We have amber strobes on each side of these boxes mounted onto posts and then wired into the wiring harness for the trailer.

    The first year we were in business we did not use cones or strobes and we had a guy drive right up the gate into the trailer.

    After paying nearly $2000 for damages we implemented the lights and cones. Our warning devices I had ordered through our volunteer fire dept. The lights ran aprox. $50 each four years ago.

    Hope this helps.
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    I had a Code 3 Arrowstick installed on the top of my trailer. Its the thin light bar that you see on the back of police cars, ambulances etc. Each end of the bar has a strobe light built into it. It grab attention and tells the bad drivers to go around us...
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    Arent they still around $800??

    Pretty expensive alternative.
  7. G&S
    Northern Tools are on the expensive side, unless you have a place that deals with road safety devices (ie. barricades, cones,ext..)localy. I would check with these stores. A national chain such as Interstate would be a good place.
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    Ever think people hit the cones on purpose?
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    I just ran across this thread. My brother sets up the patrol cars for the Georgia State Patrol. He also installs lights for other agencies and construction companies. The best thing they have now are LEDs. They are better attention getters than strobes. If you watched the inauguration the President's Cadillac was running LEDs.

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    good ideal g&s i have one on truck i cant go through the
    atomatic car washes now to tall and if you put it on a truck use quik connectors so you can unplug and take it off for this resone.

    kutnkru that is sad that you had to pay for that dumb a$$es car.

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