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    how do you go about hiring someone to do subcontracting..i already know who i am going to use for any jobs i cant do and we both are ok with that

    do i have to draw up some kind of contract or something?

    also what is the going percentage that i should add to keep for myself? i was thinking somewhere around 10-15%.

    and just so i have this right...i bill the customer for the whole project and then i pay the subcontractor what he charged for the job and keep my 10% (or whatever i charge)

  2. Clear-Cut

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    anyone?? just bumping it up to the top
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    Are you planning on doing a lot of this? Normally we just tell our friend about the job and he goes and gets it and bills the customer. Then he owes us a chit.....we cash it when we need some work done at our house. In other words we have a small network of people we refer out.
  4. We set-up a basic contract with all of are subs (fertilizing, tree cutters, stump grinding, digging, plowing etc.). We add on 12% to the job total (plowing is different). The sub bills me at the completion of the job, then will bill the customer. We pay all are subs upon receiving their bill if under $250. When over $250, they get paid as soon as we get paid. Quick note, make sure to check on the work done by your sub. Good Luck
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    i probably wont use him that much...just for hardscapes if anyone is interested in it. scottish u pretty much just bill the customer the amount the sub is charging, plus the 12% for you right? and then pay the sub whatever he charged?
  6. Sorry for the late response. Back to work in the middle of Feb. But, yes that's what we do.

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