T3000 Carrier Rack

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    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    Nice job there another guy with a imagination looks like a nice set up

    How do you like the Lehman boxs

    Good choice on a ride on

    Charles Cue
  2. bice14

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  3. SteveHuffman

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  4. BCM

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    thanks guys! Yes i love the boxes but only for doing residential lawns. as they only hold 16 bags on each side, if your doing large comm you'll run out of fert quickly,
    B&B make a nice rack but i wanted something little more sturdy and solid as i use the racks to haul one and two aerators around in the fall too, so i hopefully never have to buy a trailer again!!
  5. jbturf

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  6. BCM

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    they actually fit just perfectly to the hitch so we wielded them to that, but we secured the hitch with a few extra bolts instead of normal 4, and also replaced all the bolts with grade 8, O and also used a step up in size (bolts) from what was standard on the hitch

    i also installed adjustable airbags on the rear axle too, with that much weight 6foot behind the axle and 2000lbs of fert in the boxes it would squat a quite a bit even though its a 2500hd
  7. bice14

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    Yes B&B are good. I have ordered a rack from them and we will retrofit it to the back of my flatbed truck. It has shipped and so has my T3000! They should be here by Monday next week. :clapping:
  8. BCM

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    you'll love the T3000
  9. bice14

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    I cannot wait!!!!

    Office hours are brutal right now... not much going on and just waiting for my T3000 and its carrier rack. :sleeping:

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