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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by The Lighting Geek, Apr 15, 2009.

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    I have decided since I am working at a tree company which has 8 out of 10 either certified arborists or certified tree workers or both, I am testing for my certified arborist. I feel that since I am mounting fixtures in trees it makes sense. I am also getting climbing gear and continue on to certified tree worker as well as arial rescue certification. I need to be safe and improve this part of my skill set so I am still around to install more lights. :)
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    Very cool Tommy! I have always admired how arborists and tree climbers can climb trees with such apparent ease and total safety. It amazes me. I have tried to use both a static and dynamic rig for treemounted downlighting... but the set up time and then getting the darned line over the branch always makes me crazy. It is an art!

    (then I always wonder, if you used rigging to climb for the installation, how the heck are you going to go back at night and aim? No way you can re-rig the tree after dark.)

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    You leave as many ropes as possible $$$ to limit night time rigging. With all that work you have been talking about, you should have that spider lift already ordered?
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    LOL that is funny... so you would have 20 - 100+ rigs that you leave behind for night time aiming?

    They stopped importing the LEO12G spiderlift around the middle of 2008. The 15G is just too heavy, tall and expensive ($75K++) for my needs. I went to order one last fall and found this out. I dont really want to import one from germany, so I am back to the tried and true.

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