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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Platinum Service, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Well here I am again asking for help. Can you folks tell me how exactly do I test my finished compost tea? I have access to a good lab's facilities but need someone to walk me threw the process.

  2. ICT Bill

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    Pretty broad stroke there on the question, I am not sure how to answer.

    send it to the lab and they will tell you the results, I think thats how that works. apologies I can't help more
  3. Thanks Bill but what I really want to do is learn to test it myself.
  4. tadhussey

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    Get a copy of Tim Wilson's DVD. It shows the organisms actually moving around and makes it easy to identify them. Once you've got that part down, it's just a matter of qualitatively assesing the quantities of these organisms. You'll get a feel really quickly as to what a good or bad tea looks like. Make sure to look at samples right away! His website is microbeorganics.com

    Good luck and feel free to PM me if you have any questions, I can talk you through process in about a 5 min. phone call.

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    tim wilson does have and awesome website with videos from his scope. They are big files so I can only watch a couple a night (sometimes I can sneek one in during the day)
  6. Thanks for your help guys. Tad, Ill take you up on that offer if I have any trouble figuring it out.
  7. Wow your not kidding about his web site being a large file, its still loading. Going to have to start over at a faster computer
  8. ICT Bill

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    Tad and Tim are trusted advisers, between them they have more knowledge that they forget, than we'll know.

    There is a learning curve with everything, jump in with two feet and ask a lot of questions
  9. I've asked so many questions that Jennifer, my spouse, thinks I'll get baned from this site. Oh wait it may just be her wishful thinking. Once I decided to pursue this endeavor she has heard about it every evening, after todays sales calls she is beginning to see the basis of my enthusiasm.
  10. ICT Bill

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    Excellent Mr. Platinum, glad to hear you are being excepted well. You may be able to afford a platinum band for her next ring


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