Texas Chili sprinkler system

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  1. In the spirit of great Texas Chili. (I'm making a batch of chili from leftover brisket stuff.) (If my chili doesn't make you sweat I'M PIZZED) I decided to elaborate on mixing sprinkler stuff. First a pic of my chili. Try not to post until I finish all my posts. Thank you very much.


  2. I've got this tiny strip that waters both sides of the door beds. the heads are on the driveway and the coverage sux. On top of that it is running water down a slope like crazy. The customer wants better coverage. Pots tied in. Less waste. This is all one zone and I can't split them. Put in by a company that goes by T. W. B. for you Dallas folks. I wish I had taken a before pic but it was running 14 gpm and just flooding into the street. Cr-ppy Hardie HS heads. This first pic is after I replaced all the grass heads with 1804sams and put MP1000 on them.

  3. The next set are taking out sprays by the house and replacing them with RB manifolds and 360 TS spikes on 1/4" tubing. on one side I ran blank netafim between two rows of shrubs and ran the spikes off them. Added spikes into the pots. The last pic is an 1804 with a VALVETTE stem replacement.:)





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    Skip the sprinklers, what do you put in your chili?
  5. The last pic is an RB rotary that I used in a couple of spots for the lower angle spray. SO on one zone I used:
    MP rotators
    RB rotators
    RB spray on VALVETTE stem:)
    TS spikes on 1/4" tubing.
    Final gpm 7 All water in bed and turf. Minimal runoff. Had everything on the truck to do the job.

  6. I'll get to that later.
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    Sorry, I thought you were done with the pics. And BTW, I would have suggested they scrap the turf in favor of a tough short ground cover, like maybe Dymondia.
  8. Okay Had to have a 1.5 bowl. WHOO. I've got sweat dripping down the back of my head. My tongue needs the constant nourishment of beer. What you don't see in this pic are the sauteed garlic and onions. Add a little beer to get the right thickness. The chili powder is very hot from Hatch, NM. Orange habanero peppers. Meat and lots of it is brisket scraps. Lots of fatty beef.

    You know what I hear that is really weird:confused: :dizzy: Up north I understand they put beans in their chili. That is so friggin weird.

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    What are the red peppers? Chile de arbol? The green one looks like a young jalapeno, but the Serranos I know are much smaller than those red ones, and they're usually picked green.

    I used to grow a lot of jalapenos, some habaneros, some fresnos, anaheims and little thai peppers....

    Anyway, I make chili with 3 kinds of beans, chunks of beef chuck...garlic, onion, diced tomatos, chili powder and extra cumin...

    And I like to eat it with cornbread.

    I've heard they make chili with cinnamon in Cincinatti... :laugh: ....and I know a gal that adds peanut butter to hers. Maybe that's just a California thing.
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    FM...I can attest to the fact that up in WI they do put beans in what they call chili. Most generally it is Hormel out of a can as the base. And then try to find a brisket up here. Had to go to Sam's Club to get one. 'Course some of these folks think that ketsup is a little spicy!

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