The first JWingfield/Fimco collaboration

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  1. John sent a customer my way that needed a valve found and some service.
    Pic 1 This is where we found the valve
    Pic 2,3,4.5 It's a Toro original, The 252, buried the box 4" deep with the black cap and ADS pipe.





  2. Repairing the 252
    The original had the diaphragm ring break off. It was actually trapped downstream in the valve. I pulled it out with the needle nose and put it back on. The 252 is a decent valve. Well worth repairing. I just gut a new one and replace all the parts. They changed the screws so must use the original screws. I activate the solenoid with the remote to install to avoid losing the pin and that tiny spring.





  3. Final clean up

    A fabulously set Texas style 6" valve box over a beautifully reconstructed valve that will not need service for 15 years at least.
    An awesome concrete donut. Some were better than others, these were the best.
    Finally in honor of John's engagement a new 1804sam with a brass nozzle to get that brown patch of sod he laid.



  4. The thing about a Toro 250 series valve is that the diaphragm's can definitely take a beating.

    Why could jwingfield2k not handle such an easy irrigation repair by himself?
  5. He's shopping for a 521. Doesn't have one and I'm guessing the SL didn't ping this one out. Besides nothing wrong with turning it over to me if the customer has other needs as well.:)
  6. Hard getting a Toro to ping unless you relieve the pressure off the main and then if the 6" valve box is buried under 4" of soil you will never hear it...

    Funny how jwingfield2k accused my of being a crappy contractor and he cannot even handle such an easy repair. I Guess your right, if he cant handle part of the job then he should have turned it over to a professional irrigator....... since most of the time they end up messing up more than they are fixing...Just like all the 1 1/2" main line leaks I have been repairing which are repairs of repairs....
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    How can he afford a 521? He bought a rock for his best girl :)
  8. For better or for worse;) JWingfield will always get a pass from me. He's an Aggie (as I am) He's brash and wants to succeed in big ways. Other than that he is on his own with you guys. pick you words careful John:waving:
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    Correct. SL did not ping it out. Also, that valve, actually on the neighbors property. I know exactly that spot, its about 10-15' off her property, so I didn't look that far over. Also, when we laid sod, we didn't do irrigation adjustment. As I'm sure you've seen, coverage on that house is pitaful.

    And Londonrain, I wasn't harping on you, i was joking. From what i've seen and heard, you do very good work. INternet is crap when it comes to showing true meaning on sentences.

    oh, she said yes, and im dead tired!!
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    Surely you jest? Why would you lay sod without making sure you had adequate sprinkler coverage to keep it alive?

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