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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Oct 17, 2011.

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    we have several of the iPhones but I'm thinking I'll be phasing in iPads instead, I sometimes think it'd be better NOT to have email/text/ the internet in my/our front pocket. Just get a basic phone (while you still can) and leave the iPad in the truck, that way I can check it when more convenient. my main guy is doing this now and I think it working good. Being connected in important now, you customers email you, we do out timesheets electronically, and the "less" knowledgable crew members text/email photos and ask for help from us big guns.
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    I can see what you are doing working good. Having the iPhone in your pocket makes it easy to kill some time.. But that is what i do 7hrs a day..hehehehe I just got the iPhone 4gs
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  3. But to create groups just go to your contacts and hit the groups icon, which looks like two heads. Then just hit the green "+" button.

    Gregg I've done that and all it wants to do is create a new group. I want to add to an existing group from the main contact list.
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    our newest lead... ALWAYS ON HIS PHONE ... it irriates the hell out of me...

    If he's not texting his wife he's looking up ebay... netflix something stupid online..

    I don't mind the occasional phone call /text / fiddling around... But when I have to WAIT ON YOU TO ACKNOWLEDGE ME!!.......

    Phones are still good and needed...

    years ago I worked as a stocker at a warehouse. I was there for 10 months. 4 months into it ,within 1.5 months my boss caught me texting twice while working.. He held that against me and promoted everyone else around me cept me.. The only job I have ever walked out on and the only job I've wasn't in a leadership position. Ef Corporate! Phones are needed
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    See, I don't miss that feature because I never knew I had it.

    If I'm emailing customers I'm doing it from the computer, not the phone. There are usually MS Word or PDF attachments involved.

    So, I do have all my contacts grouped on the computer. Not as relevant to me on the phone.

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