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  1. With all the hubbub about blues vs reds I still think the greys are the best nozzles for medium yard application unless you are throwing up a slope. Throwing down a slope the greys are a no brainer. I like to keep all spray below the level of my shoulders. These pics may not do it justice but the first is a standard #8 red the second a #8 grey and the last a pic of the grey from a distance. This is one of those quick repairs that leaves an indelible print in the customers mind.



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    Whatever works. It's our job to put in the sprinklers/nozzles that best suit the particular zone and blend together to create the best watering.
  3. Do you have a lot of wind? Dallas on average is windier than Chicago "The windy city"
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    Not that much especially at night when all our systems run. I believe our prevailing wind is about 6 MPH out of the northwest.
  5. Part of my business model is showmanship and sales. Anything that gives me separation from my competitors adds up. I'm always looking for a feature that the average Joe Irrigator doesn't think is worth the time or trouble to stock. i assume that every customer is a potential 1500.00 renovation so I plant seeds to encourage that renovation without doing the hard sell. My ultimate goal is always the same. A more efficient sprinkler system in material, layout, and operation.
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    Does your supplier give you the greys or do you have to buy them?
    I have always preferred the lower trajectory nozzles too.
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    I kind of thought the low-trajectory nozzles less than optimal, #4 (single opening) aside. I wonder why Hunter didn't create low-trajectory nozzles with flows identical to the standard nozzles.
  8. Ask for them. RB adds LA to their tree. Do the blues have LA?
  9. Less than optimal vs ? and how so?
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    The ones I tried weren't too great if you needed to reduce the distance. You'd end up obscuring the primary hole with the set screw, and the side hole(s) would spray further, and make the whole attempt kind of futile. Nothing they couldn't design a solution for.

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