These are the deals I can get from my dealer.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by REALSLOW, Sep 15, 2006.


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    I am lucky to have a dealer like mine. These are the deals he offers me on new Hustlers. Super 66 28 EFI 8600 $ 72 EFI 8750 $ 72 30 8300 $ or a demo unit 60 27 6999 $. I bought that one 3 months ago and am so impressed I want another. My mower went down with bad relays and the mechanic had it going at 730 in the morning after I arrived at 7.

    Then I took it in today with a coil that was acting up and they got it out the same day with all of the updated deck kit parts installed to boot. This is by far the best dealer I have ever used and they are real conscience about the products they sell, no junk here. No fertilizer sales men here trying to sell mowers as a hobby! They only sold at first REDMAX and Hustler and have added Walker and Snapper Pro.

    It makes being in the Lawn business easy when I can depend on my dealer like this. Thanks to Equipment Direct in Gainesville FL I may consider making a carreer out of cutting grass!
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    yep nothing better than a good dealer,of the two i use,one totally closed up so now i have to go 5 to 10 more miles for service on my echo stuff,and one of the best mechanic i ever had for my ex mark stuff just quit. ps by the way is it just a nightmare to cut in the fall up there in Gainesville with all those oak tress???

    REALSLOW LawnSite Senior Member
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    It is tough in the off season because of all the leaves but I used to mow in Tampa and I can tell you I like it here way better. The work is alot easier and the economy is growing good here, lots of land to develop.

    The one thing I do not like about Gainesville is that it seems like a mini communist police state! The communist party being the state University,they run this place with an iron fist. GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!, I have to support the commies or I could be hauled off never to be seen again.

    The Lesco Z2, Cub communist would like that.
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    How many hours does the 60/27 demo unit have on it? My dealer wants $7250 for a 60/25 demo w/ 75 hrs.

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    Mine had a 100 but all the tires are changed with belts, fluids flushed so I think it may be better than new because the dealer does the shake down for problems.

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