Things I love about Texas

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  1. Obviously we don't have a monopoly on wild flowers, Hispanic culture, and great food. But for whatever reason they just seem better here. The first pics are my bike riding trails with Beau. He leads and chooses the paths, I just follow. Almost lost him to a coyote the other day. Talk about a screaming mad biking irrigator. That coyote gave up the chase and slinked off.



  2. Some may remember my Chuey posts. Chuey is the greatest thing an irrigator can have available. When I or Henry run into an incredibly difficult or physically overwhelming repair we turn it over to Chuey. Usually the conversation goes like this. "I think this is going to be a chuey job." Followed by silence. Then a follow up response "It's that bad huh?" Anyway he is a first generation Mexican. Has been here 20+ years. Is one of the hardest working guys I know. His home is awesome. He took a run down house and just made it immaculate with stone work and add-ons. Between him and his wife they have 9 brothers and sisters in the same neighborhood. Anyway his daughter just graduated and is an outstanding student who will now be heading off to UT (tu) to prepare for a career in medicine. This was the food part. The cactus was used to make that side dish.





  3. Here is the cactus dish.


    cactus meal.jpg
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    peter are those pictures around white rock lake?
  6. No. You won't believe how close it is to us. You've driven by it a 1,000 times. I'll give you the GPS when I go this morning and you can hunt it down.
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    I just love Fimco
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    Good pics of the wildflowers. I lived in Dallas for about 8 years and had forgotten how pretty the ditches can get. Other great things about Texas...

    Tex Mex food (6 years since I had a good chile rellano...)
    Ice cold beer (Shinerbock preferably, but always served at about 31F)
    Decent weather (yeah, yeah.. the odd tornado, but nice warm summers are great)
    Good road system.
    Busty blondes with good accents...
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    :::Loads trencher, hooks up trailer to wife's Yukon, heads west:::
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    That food looks delicious!!! Glad I live in Texas, it is such a beautiful place.

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