TIPS, Do's and Don'ts tips for the new guy

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Eric ELM, Apr 16, 2001.

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    Best tips I have to offer:

    -Get a pair of noise cancelling earbuds such as the Bose QC20's. Put them under your earmuffs to listen to music at lower volumes. Or even if you don't want music, the earmuffs combined with active noise cancelling is bliss.

    -Having a 34" ZT makes pushing a mower obsolete. I have 25 accounts and can fit that mower through every single gate

    -I prefer trimmers with a large swatch, the Shindaiwa T235 is the biggest I've found and it eliminates wasting line by trying to get the line out as far as possible

    -Tying down the mower between jobs was always the worst part of the work, I hated fighting with ratchet straps. Get some CargoBuckle retractable ratchet straps (The G3 for example) and weld them into Etrack attachable loops. Then attach swiveling tie down points to mower. This lets you move the CargoBuckles anywhere along the etrack and you can change location of ZT in the trailer.

    -Invest $30 in a husqvarna gutter cleaning kit. Its made for the handheld blowers but fits some of the mid sized backpack models such as the 350BT. If the eaves aren't too clogged it can clean them as fast as you can walk, it'll pay for itself in less than a minute and is probably the best example of efficiency I've ever seen
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    as a new guy I've completed all 59 pages of responses and now I'm a seasoned new guy:)....

    I have found that cleaning the pre-filters after each route is critical to equipment longevity. Just the pre filter, wash it off and re-oil and slap it back in = worry free

    The other thing that I don't think was mentioned was to network your small business into the industry. I know a bunch of my competitors in my area and I have reached out to them (medium companies 2-man crews..) with some sales leads on jobs I don't do (tree trimming, year around maintance contracts for 2-4 acre lots as I< I don't do snow or trees) a result of being open to passing along business they have sent me some leads as well with-in my niche properties that were out of their main route and/or to small for them and their equipment set up (I love fenced in yards). We've also covered for one-another in a pinch when equipment is broken or the rain is just to much.....

    << This goes for materials too as this year we struck a legal agreement on bulk mulch between the three of us.

    I can't put a price on the value I learned from them this past year in regards to contract bids, market valuations and such. There is what you read on the internet; then there is what goes on in real life.
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