Tire marks when turning

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jimmykubish, Feb 9, 2012.

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    ha na its just something a little extra*trucewhiteflag*. no joke, i do designs in "fancy" lawns. like thr 1st letter of their last name, or one lady i mow for had brest cancer so i put a ribbon in her sloped front lawn. people like that stuff
  2. unkownfl

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    It could not be his technique. Sometimes soft soil or poorly rooted grass such as in shade area etc will always cause some kind of mark while turning.
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    That's pretty cool. Especially the ribbon.

    If you can mow the writing on the breast cancer ribbon, you should win some type of award. LOL
  4. unkownfl

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    could always use round-up
  5. Jimmykubish

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    thanks for all the replies. I do do the 3 point turn as much as i can, but even that rips up the yard after a whole season of mowing. I really am leaning towards weighting down the mower a little bit... But when you do have a lawn that is very shallow rooted what do you do? i try to just go slow... do you just hope that the customer does not see? or do you break out the walk behind mower??
  6. jsslawncare

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    Do NOT add weight's to the mower, It's not going to help. It's heavy enough that's why it's rutting. Did you notice that everyone said the same thing, It take's time to be able to do this. And be sure to fix the grass becuase they will notice and you'll be fired.
  7. jtsnipe

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    If this is always in the same spots of the yard try mixing up the pattern to give the tire marks time to heal.Diagonal left, diagonal right,straight up and back and the old left,left,left.It will also give you more options to see what works when turning.
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    I had a husqvarna Iz4821 and that thing weighed about 880LBs. and never tore the grass at all. I moved up to a Toro Z-master 500 with a 60" deck and had problems right away with tearout. I use a 3 point turn and slow way down, Rotate how I cut the lawn so I turn in different spots each week, and have also had success mowing in a circular pattern to eliminate zero degree turns. Also I try to turn on the driveways as much as possible. Also try lowing the rear tire pressure. I run my tires at about 9 PSI and it seems better than 14 to me. Good Luck.
  9. Thanksman

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    Sounds to me, you want to put weights on your mower. You asked advice and everyone said the same thing it takes practice... but you still say to add weight. Well add it it and PRACTICE...:) good luck
  10. TTM42

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    How do you do that? I mow a church and would love to find out how I could mow a cross in a wide open space they have. I have no idea how to go about it but if you wouldnt mind telling me how you do designs and things I would really appreciate it.

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