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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by TomG, Feb 7, 2011.

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    This is the biggest granite pad we have ever done. It is 12' x 4' it weighed about 5000lbs. Our A300 would barely lift it. We ended up putting it in with the E50 and the machine had no problem with it, it was quite impressive. Also in these pictures you can see part of the foundation between the big pad and the thin piece that you step on coming out the door. That was covered in granite also, the piece was just not in when i took the pictures.




  2. TomG

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    More from the same job



  3. TomG

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    A large circular patio. Pictures are not the best because of the shadows




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    Just curious, what is with all the granite steps?
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    low cost granite that is boght in blk and installed at typical retail price for our area making hge prfit off each project.
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    Were located in New Hampshire, "The Granite State." :usflag:Everyone around here wants granite, we normally don't even get asked about anything else. Probably because it will never crack, there is no maintenance, the color never fades(ok maybe a little), and you don't have to worry about what salts you put on it in the winter. I would say that on 95% of the jobs we do, granite in some way is involved.
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    I would have to agree with Tom on the granite. We always get asked about putting in granite steps. It is a natural resource around here so every one wants it. Tom I remember reading a article a few year ago about the company. I don't recall what mag it was in. turf maybe?
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    Honestly I couldn't tell you what magazine, it could have been turf.
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    Here is a patio project we did. I actually have progress pictures for this one. Also I shot some video of us putting the patio down and made a time lapse video. Check it out here:





  10. TomG

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    Some during photos.




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