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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by makktruck, Jul 27, 2014.

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    Just ordered 5000 post cards for this coming leaf season and am wondering if starting to pass them out this coming weekend would be too early to hand them out? I'm a sophomore in high school and play football so I'm trying to get cleanups signed up early or would I be smarter to wait until it is closer to the season. Also trying to figure out the best way to pass them out. I know I cant put them in the mailboxes and most of the houses here don't have them any way so would tapping them to the door/ going door to door work? here are what the postcards look like. Thanks Davis.

    photo (1).jpg
  2. trock

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    You will probably get calls from taping them on doors. The calls will just be to inform you that the tape removed paint off the front door and would like you to get it fixed!
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    Some folks put their flyers in the paper box or tape them to the side of the mailbox.

    As to timing later would be a better choice, say around the time of the first frost. Alternatively, you could put out some in September and then keep delivering them every two weeks or so. Towards the middle/end of the season you might target only the homes needing leaf removal as you pass by.
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    Did you already order the post cards or can you change the sign up savings date? Sept no one is even thinking leaves let alone handing money over for a clean up that will be happening 2-3 months afterwards.
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    wait till Halloween costumes are out in the stores
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    Don't mess with someones mailbox :hammerhead:

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