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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Holloway Lawns, Jul 22, 2001.

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  1. Holloway Lawns

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    I got me an estamate on cutting down my weeping willow it was $575.00 I do not do this type of work. But on this I decided I would so yesterday I went and got me a Huskavarna chain saw and started at 2:30 pm and got down at 5:00 pm not bad for my first tree removal. I do not want to start doing this as part of my biz but maybe only a very small part of it can any of you help me on things like what's the best chain saw and pricing jobs?
  2. 1MajorTom

    1MajorTom Senior Moderator
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  3. if you want to get into tree removals, i hope you are not afraid of heights, and know how to climb, or have guys who climb. for a good chain saw, only one will never do. you will need several. a stihl 020T is probably the best climbing saw on the market now. it costs just under 500 dollars. then you will need some saws for making your felling cuts, ground saws, etc. so in chain saws alone you will spend at least 5K. then insurance. you are going to have a blast with. because landscape insurance does not cover us for tree work. finding an insurance company to write a policy for tree work is tough because nobody wants to write them anymore. what else? you will need ropes, climbing gear, rigging gear, dump truck, chipper, stump grinder, etc. the chipper you can rent, because a brand new chipper, 44K is expensive, but its not the most expensive out there. stump grinder, new is about 11 - 12 grandt for a small one. tow behind starts at around 30K. tree work is a very hard line of work, and is also the most dangerous job in the green industry. if you are going to do tree work, make sure that ALL of your insurance covers tree work. it is very nice that you can get a liability policy, but make sure that your workers comp covers that as well. as for a good brand of saw, i like the stihls for the climbing saws, and the mid size ground saws. i have an 044 that i feel cant be beat. that saw goes for 700 dollars. however you can get it for less if you buy a lot at once. again, good way to save money is buy through the catalogs, or at expos. when buying any form of rigging gear, climbing gear, or ropes do not be cheap. cheap ropes may not have the right breaking strength, and most certainly are not fun to work with. as for cheap climbing gear. if you are up in the tree for hours on end, a cheap saddle gets to be a real pain. things on your body start to hurt bad. as for the rigging stuff, slings, pulleys, port-a-wraps, etc. you have a bit more flexibility. however be aware that rigging gear keeps branches and whole trees off of homes, power lines, septic systems, and whatever else you can find. this is what i have to say for now, if you wish to know more, drop me a line.
  4. SCL

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    Wow! Anyone want to get into tree trimming now?:confused: Great post LB. After getting into the landscape side, who can afford the tree thing. Truck, skidloader, two trailers, compactors, saws, insurance...I see a pattern:)
  5. and another thing. if you are going to get into tree removals. you may think that land clearing is good money, however. a 20 acre job, lets say that it is oh, $45,000. no stumps. you may think, oh this is great money. however there is very little money to be made in land clearing jobs. it is menial work, you drop trees all over the place. you beat the heck out of your truck, chipper, saws, and skid steer if you have one. its good if you can get those jobs by the day. however if you are going to be working at a per acre rate, you wont make much money. also, good tip. do your pruning in during the year. save your takedowns for the winter. because like that, you will have snow on the ground which will freeze the ground over allowing for you to do less damage to lawns and what not. also during the winter you dont have to worry about the weight of the leaves to contend with. just more info for you to ponder.
  6. forgot chipping. if you own a chipper, people will ask you to chip piles of brush. i would say for you to get at least 100 per hour for the truck, chipper, and 2 guys. never chip at a flat rate. NEVER! a pile may look small, and uncluttered. however you can never tell from just looking at it. once you get in there you may find that there is a lot more to the pile than you thought. and also, butt ends out! if the people who make the pile have butts and tips mixed in with eachother you will be spending a good amount of time pulling that pile apart. do it by the hour and you wont be sorry. also, be warry of cables, nails, animals, etc.
  7. paul

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    Land clearing is good money if you do it right, a Hydro-axe makes short work of the small stuff and a large crawler or excavator with a shear make short work of larger trees. a tub grinder completes the job.
  8. yes, i am sure it is paul. however the equipment you are talking about, i would say has a price tag of over 1,000,000 dollars easily. there is one or two companies around here who have that stuff. they are always busy. i know one guy who is going to get a track bandit soon. but that is plenty for around here. however i believe that machine is somewhere around 80K easily. not a good start up machine.
  9. it is funny that we mention this. a good friend of mine wants to do the same thing now. he has 1 poulan chain saw, and wants to go and purchase 2 ropes. only insured for 500,000. not very much should his guys take out a house or something.
  10. Avery

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    He will be lucky to take out a sapling with a poulan saw lawnboy
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