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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by lazer 46, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. lazer 46

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    Could you tell me what is the status of the Triton Deck. Since you are bringing back the Ultra Cut I am concerned that eventually the Triton will be no more. I have one Triton that with the update kit seems to cut real well. I have another Triton ordered for spring delivery. Not going to be very happy if in a few short years the Deck is discontinued.
  2. eXmark

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    lazer 46,

    The plan is to support the Triton for the foreseable future. That's not to say we won't make some changes to improve the consistency of performance, but in the long term we plan to have the Triton in the lineup.

  3. tacoma200

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    I feel safe saying that Exmark will always make a deck that meets or exceeds you expectations. That's how they made their name in this business. No doubt they will continue to improve on all of their products. The Lazer AS especially has come a long way since I owned one a few years ago.

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