Unbelievable! A crape myrtle that hasn't been mutilated!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. I thought you all should see a rare sight in Dallas. An unmutilated Crape Myrtle. No plant suffers from landscapers trying to look busy more than this plant.
  2. The censors shut it down. I guess they thought you folks couldn't handle an unmutilated crape myrtle.
  3. Well here it is not banned after all.

    crape myrtle.jpg
  4. jeffinsgf

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    Being unmutilated doesn't necessarily mean that it adds to the landscape.

    Seems to dominate the house, making it look smaller. Also looks like a gutter nightmare. :dizzy:
  5. So you mutilate your myrtles HUH?!
  6. lifetree

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    That's what I thought !!
  7. I guess you guys don't believe in the concept of a majestic plant?
  8. BostonBull

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    That plant has had th lower branches RAPED off! That is far from unmutilated. The inner canopy has been stripped and it is being allowe to grow at a pis poor angle, on the house, and with co dominant stems.

    Get a better subject than this to prove your point. Wrong tree for the wrong area. Prun it back from the house, let some interior growth happen and lighten those tips so the branches stay shorter and stronger rather than that long leggy crap that is going on in this one.

    I am an Arborist. I wouldnt go to bid a lawn cutting job, and MOST Landscapers shouldnt touch trees.
  9. I knew I would eventually flush somebody out who knows what he is talking about. Neill Sperry and Howard Garrett our two most vocal radio landscapers are adamant that Crapes not be pruned. I agree that is a poor location for that plant but is was there when I moved in and decided to let it stay.
  10. Here are two sites on the matter. Unfortunately that top pic is what I see way too often in Dallas.



    Garrett says to leave the seed pods for winter show.

    Clemson site does a nice job.

    I'm bringing this up now because we are heading into pruning season for Crape Myrtles and if one landscaper who has been doing it wrong (including myself) will do it right this thread will have been worth it.

    After the leaves drop on mine I'm getting a pro to prune and will do a before and after pic.

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