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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by nlminc, Feb 6, 2006.

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    Bottom line is people are people no matter how much they have invested in their home. Today for instance I got two seperate calls from "Big shots" who wanted ball park prices over the phone which I don't do. One proceeded to tell me how they want top notch for everything and how big the property was and then told me that they had been online and priced fixtures from Ruud lighting for around $40 apiece. Well if they want top notch and they are shopping Ruud lighting for $40 per fixture then their idea of top notch and mine are two different realities. Just goes to show how little people know about landscape lighting. How badly the industry as a whole has done at educating the consumer. Meanwhile groups like LVLIA are allocating all of their time and resources to protecting the right of the landscaper to install lighting. They could be like other associations who promote and educate the general public and installers and consumers would be better off for it.
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    Good points everyone.
    What also hurts the exterior contractors (irrigation,sod,landscaping,lighting) is when the builders that have a built-in allowance for these services don't even allow enough for the sprinkler system. Anyone care to guess who might get shorted here? Most customers want quality and I guess It's up to us to eduacate them it should be the same outside the house as inside.
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    I don't even try to sell to someone who "was going to install a home depot package". I really listen to the client when they call. If they mention "bid" I let them know that I do not give bids. I explain that I am a designer, and every designer is going to have a different approach to landscape lighting.

    If they mention home depot lighting, I let them know that my systems start at $200 per fixture. That will usually get one of two responses. They will either choke or they will continue to talk as if they are speaking with a professional.

    I have an 85% close rate and 100% of my clients are happy clients.

    My motto, "never promise more than you can deliver and always deliver more than you promise."
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    Very good response. Do you charge a design fee for landscape lighting? What ways do you find best to advertise?
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    I currently do not charge a design fee, though that might change very soon. 95% of my business by referral. The rest seems to come from the local lighting showrooms and my truck and yard signs. When I complete a project, I place a sign in the yard and put a light on it.
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    How Did you get started? Have you always ran off of referrals? What did you do when you first started advertising? I have decided to start including an estimate for lighting with my landscaping. That should help get me started...I was just looking for other ways to get going with lighting. Maybe direct mailers to higher end neighborhoods?
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    I was a practicing electrician for 15 years, so I began by contacting my client base and it took off from there.
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    Thats a good place to start from!

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