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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by turfman59, Jun 29, 2003.

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    I just bought a click it and thought it would help finding valves out in the field. If the box is below grade or covered you cant hear it. If the box is exposed you can actually hear and feel the ground thumping. I used a shovel as a stethoscope it worked pretty good but still am having problems finding them if there covered up,,,, I can witch with sticks and follow the main line but that doesnt tell you where the valve is,,,,, HELP
  2. Buy a 521 Locator......or a stethoscope specifically used to find leaks underground....
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    wire tracker works laborer found a valve under a paved road at a local valve box, nothing. the valve had dirt in it...

    the wire tracker was about 470 has made me 100 times that amount...a great investment.
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    never had a problem finding a leak Tony it just bubbles up
  5. In Arizona, the ground is quite sandy, therefore it is not uncommon to have a leak that has been leaking for a long time undetected. The leak locators here do quite well. they have many instruments designed to find them. One of them is a giant stethoscope....with a long thin probe that goes into the ground and connects to the stethoscope. Quite often if we cannot hear the Krik-It, we hook up to the steth and can hear it quite distinctly.
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    on the stethoscope and what supply house?

    sounds like a neat tool to have in the box....

    do I have to where a white coat and latex surgical gloves when I am using it ?? LOL

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