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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by JB1, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. Looked at a Vermeer LM 35 trencher with a vibratory plow today, will be at a auction . Looks and sounds ok wanting to do irrigation and run water lines. Anyone have any experiences with this model or anything to look out for. This is a 1990 model with 700 hours.
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    we had out when they hit 1000 hours...that is when you start to get real problems.

    duetz diesel motor should last forever with proper maint. \

    we paid $6000 for that type of machine a few years ago.

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    I use to bury cable for sprint (drops) ive had an LM-35,LM-40,and an LM-42. They were all brand new when i got them and the best as far as the plowing goes was the LM-35. But that unit did not have the two speed ground drive which is a must. I've also owned a case maxi (which i didnt care for, the trencher is awfull, and it would'nt hurt to have some bull riding knowledge, We now own a couple of ditch witch 255sx you dont get the trencher (but thats what jose is for) I feel the 255 is the way to go for irrigation because theres not to many back yards you cant get into. And it plows like a machine twice its weight. If i were still doing drops i would have the vermeer on the job. But for irrigation we prefer the compact 255sx.
  4. Right or wrong I bought this one saturday at the auction, we serviced it out today engine sounds good everything works smooth, no oil leaks. we have always trenched in irrigation so now we get to learn plowing. This one does have a two speed switch.
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    be sure to change the hydro fluids and filters every winter...very important...bad fluid will destroy the hydro pumps...which are VERY expensive.


    good luck with your machine.

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