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  1. John P.

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    What are you guys paying first year part time workers that will be doing the weekly lawn maintenance accounts? Given that they can drive a truck with trailer, know how to run the mowers, trimmers, blowers, and edgers.
  2. GrassMasterNC

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    I found out what the city was paying their employees that did this, a little over $7/hr...then offered them part time work that I could scheduled them for in their off time at $8/hr. They were all very interested and already had the know-how, been screened by the city, and would not lose any city benefits. Turned out, I only took one of them, but he's my most dependable guy anyways.
    so, to answer your question - it really depends on the local economy and going rates - but that might be a good place for you to start. Hope this helps a little at least!

  3. rodfather

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    Part time gets the same as full time...15 an hour, but no bennies.
  4. procut

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    I'd say about $9.00 hour for part time, maybe a little more based on performance and reliability. They way I see it, if you pay a real low wage employees will jump ship as soon as they find something with a little better pay.
  5. lrunner

    lrunner LawnSite Member
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    So what is wrong with bennies (a.k.a. beaners)? What the hell are you, and why don't you hire them?
  6. kdbetters

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    i think he meant no health benefits for part-time employees
  7. lrunner

    lrunner LawnSite Member
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    Well that sure is a weird way of writting out health benefits, but okay. I appologize. Both of my workers are Mexican, and wouldn't trade'em for nothing. :blush:
  8. Hodge

    Hodge LawnSite Senior Member
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    So what is wrong with bennies (a.k.a. beaners)? What the hell are you, and why don't you hire them?

    What the hell are u talking about. That is benefits.
  9. lrunner

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    Slow down Superman. If you read on, you will see that I apologized for what i mentioned before, and you wouldn't be writing anything on this thread. Just keep on about your business and don't worry about it. :blob3:

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