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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowerman90, Mar 24, 2001.

  1. mowerman90

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    Just got back from the Green Industry "One Show" in Orlando today. Many interesting things there. One that caught my eye, and I'm sure you'll hear more about it in the future is this 16' LandKing Dump body. It's unlike any dump body I've ever seen. Imagine hauling two yards of mulch AND a couple ton of sand - AT THE SAME TIME. Here's when it becomes unique, YOU CAN DUMP BOTH LOADS INDEPENDENTLY AT DIFFERENT LOCATIONS. PLUS, when you're not hauling around soil you can pull down the torsion spring assisted ramp and haul your equipment. Let's say the local Lesco is having a bang up sale on fertilizer and you want to get a pallet. No problem, just fold down one of the sides and have the Lesco forktruck load it for you. I'm telling you this body was amazing!!! However, it was a little pricey (my opinion) around $9500, but hey, you could eliminate one truck and trailer with it. The rep said that you could even customize the front storage area for spray tanks, pumps, etc.

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    I see you got it posted. I just got the email you sent to support, Chuck had to forward it to me or I would of been here to help you sooner.

    Could you take a photo editor and remove the phone numbers off those pictures. It looks like an advertisemtent for them. All you have to do is load them back to the same spot where they are saved and this link will still show the pictures.

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    Thanks for taking care of that.
    That is a neat set up. I think that truck and the enclosed one are more suited for down sound where you mow most of the year. Up here we need 4X4's to push snow, so a pick up and trailer work best in my situation.
  4. BerksLawn

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    Hey Eric on the supertrucks site it has photos of other companys. One guy has a plow on it sure a pickup would be better for plowing u can see behind u better but both these trucks are really nice.
  5. GREG R

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    Wish I would of seen this before I ordered
    my Isuzu w/16 landscape bed last month.
    I really think that would come in handy and
    get rid of my big ulgy 1977 f600 W/18ft dump.
    oh well mybe in the future.
    Do you have any web sites for this company
    or other information on them.

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  6. mowerman90

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    Sorry to say no website for this company yet.
  7. GREG R

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    maybe a phone number
    or their company name
    if not (landpride

    thanks Greg
  8. syzer

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    Yes, please any other information please post, this looks like a very useful setup.
  9. mowerman90

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    Greg & Szyer,

    I had the phone number on my original post but Eric said it looked too much like an advertisment and asked that I remove it, which I did. If you would like a copy of the spec sheet along with address and phone #'s, then private e-mail me and I'll see that you get it. Just include "DUMP" in the subject line.

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