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    Toro has a 1 year limited, exmark has a 2 year limited. Would the one year warranty on toro keep yall form considering buying one? I am demoing an exmark now and like it, and since toro and exmark are basically the same thing and exmark has a better warranty, im leaning towards exmark.
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    I could be wrong, but I don't think Toro & Exmark are the same, I know that Toro owns Exmark, but Ford owns Jaguar and Land Rover and there not the same as a Crown Vic. or Explorer. Just my 2cents. In my town I get such great service from my dealer, I mean great. Most times they fix it while I wait. I also like being able to pickup the phone and be talking to the factory person in a min. Having them on the phone working with you through a problem. :)
  3. littlenic

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    The above comment was/is not intended to be a smart-alecky remark.
    Thanks, littlenic:waving:
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    toro and exmark are not the same, toro owns exmark, they are 2 seperate companies, though a lot of parts are very similar/same?

    I guess apart from the cosmetic and other easy to spot differences, the biggest one is the decks.

    why toro only offer 1 year beats me, their products are good.

    whatever you buy, make sure the dealer is top notch, a dealer can basically make you or break you, that means more than an extra years warrantee imo.

    both great brands.....exmark has got new decks out now I heard....

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