Water Fall into a pool...with powered cover?

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Shady Brook, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Shady Brook

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    I have a customer who is going to install an in ground pool, but is unsure whether to go witha poured in ground, a constructed in ground similar to an above ground, made to be installed in ground, or a fiberglass insert in ground. He would really like to avoid a fence, so is looking at the powered pool covers to avoid the town ordinances that call for a fence.... The real challange comes now...because he wants a water fall to drop into the pool. He really likes the Rosetta Stone water fall look, but I am unsure how to work this with a pool cover... Do any of you brilliant fellas have any suggestions for my problem?

    Thanks a bunch!
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    Hey Shady

    The question your customer first needs to answer is what type of pool he wants. Size, shape, primary use and ease of maintenance... ect. A Automatic Cover and waterfall can be added to Gunite, Fiberglass or Vinyl pools rather simply depending on what they are specifically looking for in a pool. A "plain jane" rectangle pool is the easiest to add a cover and waterfall too but rarely the most pleasing to the eye. I'm exhausted tonight but I'll get on tomorrow and give you some more info and pics on different pools. Fill me in a little more on the style of pool and waterfall your customer is interested in and I can definitely point you in the right direction.

  3. Shady Brook

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    Thanks so much!

    At this point the pool design and material is open. I think the Waterfall is more important then the pool design, he is looking for a retreat in his back yard. The ideal is a waterfall that buts up near the pool with and overhanging slab that sits several feet above the pool, and then drops in at the edge. The idea is to get the waterfall sound dropping directly into the pool, while also keeping it above the pool and out of the way. I was just at a loss as to how to tie the two together using a tarp system. I am looking forward to your great suggestions!

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    Challenging parameters no doubt. Here is one I've done. So far out we didn't need no stinking fence. I was pretty PO'd when they put the cover on this. Drilling lead anchors in all over the place. Every year I get an early swim caulking them shut. My core drilled rock also seems to attract every kids butt.



  5. LPS Pools

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    Alright, well ill start with the covers. ANY pool can be covered with a auto cover, just depends on your customers wallet.

    If your customer is happy with a rectangle pool and a strait waterfall on the side, covering is very simple. You will typically install whats called a undertrack cover. Pic 1. The tracks mount right under the deck and you just construct your waterfall of choice on top.

    Most people we come across looking for the backyard paradise want a larger stone "grotto" type waterfall. These waterfalls of coarse typically look best with a irregular shape pool. With that said you have two options.

    1. Build a two part deck. The base deck allows for a square area for the cover to operate and supports the upper deck. This requires lots or support but looks amazing when finished. Pic 2 Your basically building a large metal box covered in concrete or stone, between the two decks for the cover to operate in. Hope that makes sense. These are known as underdeck covers.

    2. You can go with a cover known as the Hydralux by Aquamatic. Pic 3. They are the only manufacturer that makes a cover like this. Instead of vinyl, it uses custom cut pvc slats. Using this system you can cover any pool, but if its really extreme it could take 2 cover systems to do it. Bad news is, these guys run a min. of around $20K each. Some as high as $60K. These covers can come out of the bottom of the pool, the side, the top, whatever you want really.

    Hope that helps some. If you need more details on a certain type or product just let me know.



  6. LPS Pools

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    As far as pools go.

    Concrete pools are great because they have no limits. Any size or shape. They have a moderate to high initial cost comparatively. However, the costs add up down the road. More maintenance do to a porous surface, more chemical maintenance do to gunite material. More cost down the road due to resurfacing on avg every 7-9 yrs.

    Fiberglass Pools are about equal install cost to a standard gunite pool. Install time can be as little as a week. They are much easier to maintain because algae and stains can not set into the surface like on gunite. You will typically get at least 30yrs before you see any signs of surface wear. Color coats are very cheap compared to colored gunite coats and are much more uniform. Your are however limited to a pool no bigger than 16'W x 42'L x 8'D unless you spend huge money for something custom. We offer Aloha Fiberglass Pools which have 40 different models, so most people can find something they like.

    Vinyl pools are usually much less cost than gunite or fiberglass and can be installed in 1-2 weeks. Vinyl pools can also be created as custom as wanted. They do however still stain fairly easy, do harbor algae in the seems and get punctured very easy.

    Again if you want more details on something let me know.
  7. Shady Brook

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    Those pics are amazing! You an artist Bob...really.

    How would one use a powered pool cover with that dream waterfall? They will need to put this on daily....that I feel is one of the biggest hurdles, as it is not a seasonal tarp situation.

    Thanks for shareing!
  8. Shady Brook

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    Wow....very nice.

    My computer must have been on the fritz yesterday because I did not see your posts when I posted last....very odd. But thanks a ton, you obviously have a wealth of information.

    I realize that if you use the fall water from the pool, you will need a different type of pump for the chlorine....Do these become gastly expensive for a big pump to run a decent water fall, or is it not that big of deal?

    I bet a powered tarp on a custom odd shaped pool could get salty....

    I think I am going to have to start giving him some ball park figures so he does not go down rabbit trails thinking that all these options are even remotely similar in price.

    Thanks so much...I am sure I will have more questions to plague you with. :)

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