We sure could use some rain.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by irrig8r, Jan 3, 2014.

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  2. What I am hoping for and most likely will happen, late March, through May, going to get hit one storm after another. Happened 2 years ago.

    Why conserve now? Conserve when you have to.Government tells you, yet they're running irrigation in 25 30 mph gust and 99% isn't hitting the ground. Better yet, because they're too cheap to spend and extra 50 bucks, they run irrigation during a down pour....Funny
  3. Isn't that the one that just happened in Morgan Hill\San Jose area? Dumb car theives trying to destroy the evidence.....they did catch the gang bangers though.
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    Nope. It's a Jeff state fire

    Campbell Fire:
    Name: Campbell Fire
    County: Tehama County
    Location: Ishi Wilderness North of Campbellville in the Lassen National Forest
    Administrative Unit: Lassen National Forest / CAL FIRE Tehama-Glenn Unit / Bureau of Land Management
    Acres Burned - Containment 500 acres - 35% contained
    ***This is NOT a CAL FIRE incident. Click the link above for information from the Los Padres National Forest
    Date Started: January 2, 2014 8:00 pm
    Last update: January 4, 2014 6:30 pm
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    My windshield almost got wet, well almost, almost.
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  7. Been getting heavy drizzle at SFO...makes cutting lawns the morning tuff....however..
    Wish people would realize that a drizzle is not the same as a steady rain.
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    Here's the latest.


    I received a curtosity call from the Ditchtender today, she told me to get prepaired for water. I've already read the standard tail water warning (this time printed in bold text) so I have some work for the weekend. Ironically i was out patching ditches yesterday.

    This is the earliest I have ever started water. Target date is usually May 15. Last year I started water on March 20.

    This year is gonna separate the men from the boys at a lot of levels. Kiril should be a gazillionaire by the end of the year. :waving:
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    That would be nice. Then I could finally build that trick pad on Mars I have always wanted.

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